!!! Border terrier puppies !!!


Roman & Jana

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z Romanova chovu

!!! "G" Kham-Mi !!!

 Puppies were born on 4th of November 2018.
There are 3 puppies - 1 blue-tan boy, 1 blue-tan girl and 1 grizzle girl.






WorkChCZ Barow`s Blue Heaven
Baywillows Blue Rollers
CIB, ChCZ, ChPL,ChSK, JChCZ,World veteran Winner, Club ChCZ Alasti Kham-Mi
CIB, ChCZ,JChCZ, Club winner McHenry`s Cowboy Henry
ZN (fox earth exam)
ZV (exam for evaluation of hunting talent of young dogs) Ist price
BZ (tracking exam) 1st price
LZ (Exam for evaluation of ability to work in the wood - search and tracking of animals) Ist price
BZH (Wild boars hunting exam - tracking) Ist price
MSMLT (Earth fox exam with a contact) CACIT, CACT, "nornik" title
CAC VDH on World dog show
Czech Junior champion
Champion of Craotia and Poland
Club winner
2xBOJ, 4xBOB, 3x BOS, 8xCAC, 5xCACIB, 3xCAC KfT, 3xCAC VDH, 3xCAC CMKU, 8xres.CACIB
36 cm, full dentition
PL 0/0, SLEAM clear, eyes hereditary deseases - not affected
BZ (tracking exam) Ist prize - CACT title


CIB completed

32 cm, full dentition
SLEM clear

I lost my darling Alasti Kham-Mi and I am very happy, that her soul is here with me via her amazing daughter Freesha Kham-Mi alias Foxi. Alasti was girl of my life, she was amazing in everything I want - shows, hunting exams, agility ... and common life. Now, Foxi is proud holder of her qualities. Father of Foxi is my little american gentleman McHenry`s Cowboy Henry who is beloved by everybody who knows him because his amazing friendly temperament. Henry is also show champion, passed hunting exams, competes in SA3 category and he is also tested for many deseases. See his own site.

Foxi is really nice in exterior but I do not show her as much as my previous dogs because we prefer another activities as agility. She completed CIB title. Foxi passed hunting exams and she won CACT title on tracking exam. But the main stream of our life is agility. Foxi is very talented girl, she was qualified for National championship in her first competition and she was placed on 13th place from all small dogs what was an amazing result. Next year she was also qualified, but she did not compete because puppies.

Father of these puppies is Edmont z Romanova chovu, blue and tan boy co-owned by us. Edmont is amazing boy with excellent temperament. He is also very happy and friendly without signs of agresivity or nervous. Edmont is very well balanced in body with very flexible movement what is really similar to his father, english boy Baywilow Blue Rollers who I fallen in love absolutely. Edmont is used for hunting and he passed many hunting exams with perfect results. He is also often showed on dog shows with really amazing winnings. He won CAC VDH on World dog Show and he won many other titles in Czech, Poland or Germany. Edmont is tested for patella luxation and hereditary eyes deseases with nice results. PL 0/0 and eyes deseases - not affected. He is SLEM clear.
Edmont's mother is our great girl Chilli (Barow`s Blue Heaven) who is very successful girl. She is as only few border terriers in a history, Czech working champion. She is also Champion of beauty CZ.


I believe I did my best for amazing puppies for a life, sport, hunting, shows or everything somebody wants. I am very curious what this combination will bring. We have to wait :-)

Pictures of both parents you can see in the PHOTOGALERY